The Rules...

Helix is an adult cyberpunk roleplaying sim. While it has elements of certain sci-fi genres and settings, the lore here is unique and is not based on any other fictional work. This is not Blade Runner, nor is it The Fifth Element, nor The Expanse. This is Helix, and the story is yours to write.

Any avatars sporting themed outfits from other scifi settings are simply seen as overzealous cosplayers. We do allow nearly immeasurable freedom when it comes to humanoid avatars but please do not go running around as Boba Fett. (Though Beskar'gam style armor is fine.)


1 . ◘  Don't be an asshole. ◘

2 . ◘Commonly known RP Etiquette is expected and required.  No metagaming, no godmodding, no powergaming, and be mindful of post order.  Play out your injuries and illnesses realistically in a roleplay sense.◘

3. ◘ You must obtain consent from the player before you rob/destroy/vandalize a rented/group owned property. ◘

4. ◘ Mutants/Cyborgs/Augments are all allowed, but magic of any sort is not. ◘

5. ◘ Do not come here to poach players or advertise other projects or sims within second life.◘

6. ◘ OOC Harassment will never be tolerated. This includes unwanted sexual advances.◘

7. ◘ Due to the adult nature of the setting and sim, no Child-like avatars, babies, or Children allowed.◘

8. ◘ Do not rez vehicles without an active rental, to prevent lag. Attachments like jetpacks and hoverboards are fine.◘

9. 9. ◘ Do not trespass in rentals or faction bases, without consent from the rental owner or Faction lead. Faction bases are occupied by NPC defenders at all times unless otherwise specified by the Faction lead.◘

10. ◘ None of the following races/avatars are allowed.
♦Mythical races (ie. Vampires).
♦Canon races from other scifi (ie. Wookies).
♦Trademarked or Copyrighted characters (ie. Flo from Progressive.)

- Use of HUD or Free Form Combat should be agreed upon before RP combat starts.

- All non-HUD combat in Helix is free form,(FFC) meaning attacks are attempted, with the defender deciding the outcome.


- No forced Perma-death.

- Seeking some one out for a fight more than twice in one day may get you labeled an asshole.

- Never taking any injuries, or always insisting on victory will -definitely- get you labeled an asshole.

- Blood loss and fatigue should be considered, and fights lasting more than a few hours may be seen as unrealistic.

- Vehicle-to-vehicle combat should be conducted in IMs if the distance between vehicles exceeds 20 meters. (chat range)

- Propelled explosives and bombs require advance permission from admins. (Grenades are fine, but be reasonable.)

- Refrain from ACTUALLY firing your weapon unless it has a roleplay-mode in which no projectiles are rezzed.

- Have a valid IC reason why you are attacking a player. ("Oh my character is just crazy" is not an excuse, but robbery is.)