Rentals in Helix City are your way to make a home for yourself in your own little slice of the Martian frontier, be it a back-alley hovel or a neon palace towering over the rabble.

After joining the OOC and RP groups, and reading the rules, you're free to find a rental among the apartments and storefronts in the sim, but we ask that you respect the privacy of fellow renters while finding a home.

Rentals are all set to a flat rate, but you may contact an admin to ask if a custom rental box can be set up. You may rez a vehicle within your prim limit once you have rented a home in Helix City so long as it is in theme.

All rentals should be in theme with the role play setting of the sim, and items with sound should not spill into role playing areas. Please stay within your allotted prim limit or risk item return if warnings from staff and admins are ignored.

Most homes come with detailing such as kitchens and plants, but customization options are available to renters should they desire changes such as wall color or entry design.

Welcome home, Citizen.