The following is a directory of Roles and Businesses active in the World of Helix.

◘ Roles are suggested and not restricted. For approval for non-listed roles please contact sim management.
◘ Owner/Lead roles may be requested by contacting sim management as well.
◘ To work at a store simply contact the owner/lead IC or OOC for approval.
◘ If there is no Owner/Lead you may freely work at a place until an owner is appointed.
◘ Multiple storefront rentals are available for player shops, as well as some empty building floors. Contact staff regarding custom rental requests.

  Owner/Lead: Aleksander Stavros (jarek.tomsen)
  Roles:  Medics, Doctors, Administrative Staff.
  TraumaCo is the medical provider for Helix City. They operate out of the hospital in Uptown. Field units often respond to injury calls, and are known to hold their own in a fight, in case of ambush.
  Owner/Lead: Sirus Plunkett
  Roles: Officers, Detectives, Etc.
  MetroPol is the policing force for Helix City. They operate from their island H.Q. in the Waterfront. Their armored patrols ensure the lower city remains functional for commerce and tourism. With a lack of holding space, jail times have been mostly replaced by massive fines for crimes.
  Owner/Lead: Jadzia Fax (boont.baphomet)
  Roles: Bartender, Cook, Performer, Bouncer.
  Girders is the seedier place to drink and grab quick bites. Located along Tunnel 1-A, near the Hydropark. It is a perfect place for locals to relax without seeing many tourists. Located near the arcade in the Midtown Slums.
 Owner/Lead: Kat (sonata.nayar)
 Roles: Dancer, Bartender, Promoter, Security.
 Kink is the premier spot for dancers and nightlife entertainment. Despite it's location near the docks, it's frequented by wealthy travelers.    Located in North Downtown.

 Owner/Lead: Xander Crannock
 Roles: Consultant, Engineer, Surgeon.
 Chill is the spot to get all of your augments, illegal implants, and eye-color changes. Create a whole new you with modern plastic surgery and cybernetic enhancements. Located in North Downtown alley.
 Deep Impact.

Lyneah Ray (lyneahray)
 Roles: Salesperson, Promoter.
 Deep Impact is the one-stop-shop in Helix City for all of your sexy gizmos and gadgets. From dildos to lube to full 3d porn, this is a common tourist stop. Located in South Downtown.
 Game Over.
 Owner/Lead: Phantom Weir
 Roles: Mechanic, Programmer, Clerk, Dealer.
 Game Over is a local retro arcade, known for it's drug-dealing and strung out patrons, losing themselves in hours of virtual reality. It's proximity to the slums and the underground make it a haven for crime. Located in the Midtown Slums.
 Bot Shop.
 Owner/Lead: (Empty! Looking for lead.)
 Roles: Salesperson, Repair Specialist, Programmer.
 The bot shop in downtown has never really had a name. Often manned by out of work scrappers and mechanics, it's more of a pop-up garage than an official business. Located in South Downtown, by Tunnel A-1
 Noodle Bar.
 Owner/Lead:(Empty! Looking for lead.)
 Roles: Cook, Clerk.
 The best damn noodles in Downtown. The Noodle Bar predates most of it's surrounding buildings, and is said to have been family owned for generations, though they'll hire just about anybody who can boil water. Located at the Downtown Intersection.

 Owner/Lead: Avaa (bl00drag3)
 Roles: Gunsmith, Gun Dealer.
 The local gun shop and pawn. Anything from old style revolvers to the latest energy weapons can be purchased here. Home of the only reliable ammo supply in the lower city. Located in South Downtown.
 MetroNet Media.
 Owner/Lead: Elerra (zander.lycheborne)
 Roles: Reporter, Writer, Vlogger, Anchor.
 MetroNet Media is the local internet and media provider. It is a subsidiary of HelixCo. and is used for all news and commercial broadcasting in Helix City. Its satellites maintain contact with earth and provide the local service network. Located in South Downtown.

 The Mayfair Hotel and Casino.

Owner/Lead: Keira Moraxó (moraxo)

Roles: Bartender, Cocktail Waitress, Performer.

The Mayfair is the height of elegance in the lower Helix City district. While Kink offers sex, the Mayfair offers the equally tempting allure of money. Hotel rooms, booze, and good food attract that more daring of the cities most wealthy tourists.

Eden Nursery

Owner/Lead: (Empty! Looking for lead.)

Roles: Salesperson, Botanist, Smuggler

Eden is Helix City's only operating plant nursery and gardening store. Plants are mostly kept in cryo-stasis until sold but some display items can be seen in the shops storefront. The shop's location on the Waterfront makes it a prime spot for the dealing of narcotics and illicit herbal 'remedies'.