Life on Mars.

Earth is dying...


The remaining countries are led by puppets, dictators, or religious radicals, leading to oppression, corruption, and global government brutality. Drugs, booze, guns, and even porn are illegal in Earth's tightly regulated megacities, leading to rampant smuggling...

But things are different on Mars...


Mars take all types and will sell them anything they can afford... Mutants, Cyborgs, it's all commonplace here, where folks might change the color of their eyes as quickly as they change their boots.


Police intervention is rare, but swift and relentless. Muggings, brawls, and prostitution are some people's forms of employment on this new frontier, where everyone gets a piece of the action.


"Carry a weapon and keep your cash stashed.

This place ain't for tourists."

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© 2020 Caleb Wells ("Tah Crazyboi")

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